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Let your Customers talk Directly to the sellers

About Seller Buyer Chat

Some of the great features

Live Chat Between Buyers And Sellers

Let the buyers talk to the sellers directly over the chat establishing a real time communication between the buyer and the seller

Offline Messaging

Messages recieved offline are retreived once you are online

Portable for Every Device

Chatting has never been so easy. Can be initiated on all portable devices

Can Customize Chat Widget

Can be customized to fit into the design and the theme

Seller Buyer Chat For Different Platforms

For Marketplace Store

Now your customers can ask questions by directly chatting with seller of the product. You can also earn from them by charging for this feature

For Single Vendor

You can add chat support for customers if you are the only vendor on your store

For Simple Websites

You can provide chat support to visitors on your website


$ 15/ Month
No Credit Card required
3 seller
0% Transactions
$ 30/ Month
No Credit Card required
10 seller
0% Transactions
$ 45/ Month
No Credit Card required
25 seller
0% Transactions